The collation officer for the LGA, Pang Enubari, had presented results which included the All Progressives Congress (APC) scoring 72,745 votes while the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) got 7,148 votes.

However, the results were protested by PDP party agent who claimed that the Electoral Officer (EO), Kenneth Eta announced that collation did not take place in the LGA.

The EO revealed that the LGA's collation officer was nowhere to be found between Saturday to Monday and queried the source of the results presented at the Port Harcourt collation centre.

Following the development, Essien asked the officials and party agents to harmonise and return for the presentation.

When subsequently asked about the LGA results he was presenting, CO replied: " they are not with me here."

Upon this disclosure, Essien asked that the results be 'stepped down' until the CO was able to present the forms used to record votes across polling units and wards.