Rep. Randolph Brown (Rivers-PDP), a member of the House of Representatives, has attributed the increasing rate of defections by politicians in the country to lack of party ideologies.

Brown said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Abuja.

He attributed the rate of defections to selfish interest by some politicians.

“Most politicians defect to other parties, particularly when they are no more part of the decision making body of their party."

“This is because a lot of parties in the country are not ideologically based.“ So, if a politician is not part of the decision making body, he runs into problems.

“It is easy for one to get disgruntled in a party setting and immediately you get disgruntled you will be making mistakes."

“You will not be taking rational decisions as all your actions will be based on sentiments,’’ Brown said.

According to the lawmaker, aside personal interests, politicians should consider the political configuration that will favour the yearnings and aspirations of their people.

“There are people that are in a place by their own right, so you have to investigate to know the political configurations, you have to know the sympathies, yearnings and aspirations of the people."

“It goes beyond an individual. Your people may say go and I say I will not because I am in a comfort zone but at the fullness of time. They will desert me."

“Most politicians move to other parties without carrying along the structure,’’ Brown said.

NAN reports that a lot of politicians have defected from one party to another in the last few months, with the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) benefitting from the latest developments.