President Goodluck Jonathan has asked the President-elect Muhammadu Buhari’s incoming government to continue the ongoing Abuja rail projects which was started by the outgoing government.

Jonathan, who rode the train on Thursday, May 7, said this during an inspection at the project site in Abuja.

While expressing delight at the ongoing going work, he said, “I emphasise the need to develop an effective mass transit system in the country. We cannot talk about mass transit using taxis, small cars and small buses, even the luxury buses. It will be too expensive.

“Until our rail system works. That is why we are emphasising on inter-city rail and intra-city light rail systems.

“Of course, this government is leaving on May 29, but definitely the incoming government will have to continue.

“This is a noble project, it will benefit Nigerians especially residents of the FCT. I am quite appreciative of the level of completion."

He said he made it a priority to inspect the project, as previous attempts had failed due to other commitments, so that he would know exactly what to tell the President-elect when he meets him next.

The FCT Minister, Senator Bala Muhammed however stated that there was no initial financial plan for the rail project, informing that the President secured a loan $500 million. He said $20 billion was also taken from SURE-P meant to be used as counterpart funding.

The minister said about 61 percent of the sum has already been drawn.