Moghalu who said this on Thursday in Abuja at his presidential campaign urged Nigerians to vote for his him to return the nation to the part of growth and development. 

““2019 is not an ordinary election; it is hour of our destiny. The hour of liberation has come. 

“When you vote next month, vote for the candidate that will win. Do not vote for the wrong candidate simply because someone is an incumbent or because a candidate is from a party that have stolen from the past. 

“Vote for the people who should win, people who can do the job, that person will win and become the next president to have a new Nigeria,’’ Moghalu said. 

The former deputy governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) promised to create jobs for Nigerian youths if elected as president.

He said the current high rate of unemployment statistics in the country would be addressed if his few months of office. 

“In the next four years we will heal Nigeria and build a new nation. It is time for something new, something different and something good. 

“It is time for a new Nigeria and the only way we can have a new Nigeria is that we must retire the old Nigeria and build a new one. 

“We must retire old leaders who have held us down that did not allow us to have jobs, good road and electricity supply,’’ he said.

 Moghalu said it was time for the country to have energetic and visionary leaders to rescue the nation. 

“The hour has come, the hour of freedom, progress and good things. We supposed to have good hospitals. The hour has come. 

Moghalu pledged to protect the constitution, the lives and properties of Nigerians.

He said his government would establish one trillion naira venture capital fund to train Nigerians and empower youths to be job creators. 

“We will establish skill acquisition centres for people to learn skills. When they learn it, they will come to the venture capital fund centre to get fund to establish themselves,’’ he said. 

He added that his presidency would be 50:50 gender cabinet.

“The women and youths of this country would be finally liberated because the future belongs to you,’’ he said.