Kaduna State Governor,

The Senators - Shehu Sani (Kaduna central), Sulieman Hukunyi (Kaduna north), and Danjuma Leah (Kaduna south) - had blocked a $350 million loan request by the Kaduna government.

The state had approached the World Bank for the loan but the lawmakers said the facility would erode the economic viability of Kaduna.

According to The Cable, el-Rufai said the three senators are enemies of the masses and democracy, adding that they are ignorant of the real indices of development and progress in a democratic setting.

The Governor stated this as he flagged off the All Progressives Congress (APC) campaign for the local government election in the state which held at the Kaduna Township Stadium.

'Shave their beard'

He was quoted to have told the thousands of people at the venue to assault the senators when they sight them in Kaduna.

"...shave their heads and beard..." el-Rufai told the gathering.

He said, "The senators from the state who worked against the World Bank loan are useless; they came out and said this loan should not be given. What is their reason for rejecting the loan? It is because they are haters of the masses in Kaduna state.

"If a road project is initiated in your town, they don’t want it to be completed. If we start renovating a hospital, they don’t want it to be completed. If five schools are renovated and 10 are remaining, they will not want the remaining 10 to be renovated.

"Today, there are no haters of the masses of Kaduna state like Shehu Sani, Suleiman Hunkuyi and Danjuma Laah, God will curse them. God will reward their wickedness against the masses, may God never bless them. All members of the house of representatives from this state, God bless them, may God return them to their seats in 2019.

"Members of our state assembly who gave us their cooperation before the World Bank approved the loan to us, may God bless them and may God return them to their seats in 2019. But those ones that are cursed, if they come to Kaduna, shave their heads and beard. They have shown that they are bastards, they have no origin, therefore, it is important to tell them that they did not originate from this state.

"If the time for election comes, answer them with votes, show them that you don’t like them… Let them go back to where they come from. Let them go to the people they are working for to vote for them.

"I want my people to comprehend the simple logic that the three senators representing my state at the senate are starkly ignorant of the real indices of development and progress in a democratic setting.

"Their major concern is to amass money at the expense of their people. The electorate are at liberty to call their buff, and this is the right time.

"I really commend all our legislators serving satisfactorily at the house of representatives and equally thank all the legislators at the state assembly for their absolute commitment and sacrifice. I believe that with the confidence of the electorate they are earning, they are poised to surmount every obstacle."

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While urging the people to support the ruling APC, the governor also assured them that the local government election will be free and fair.