Senate President Bukola Saraki, three State governors and over 50 lawmakers have dumped the governing APC for the PDP since July 24, 2018.

And as you’d expect, the party that has lost the most members to the other, hasn’t taken the defections very well.

For instance, after Saraki defected, Information ministerLai Mohammed said the senate president wasn’t really a member of the APC from the start.

“If Senate President Bukola Saraki were not a member of the APC, the party and the government it leads could not have suffered more than they had already done, with regards to the delay in passing the budget, approving key appointments and so on.

“In other words, Saraki has behaved all along as a member of the opposition, deliberately slowing down the progress of the APC-led Federal Government.

“In fact, we could not have suffered more as an executive in the hands of the legislature if a PDP person had been the senate president,” Lai said.

“It is therefore neither a surprise nor a blow that he has defected", the information minister added.

What did the APC say when then Speaker Aminu Tambuwal left the PDP for the APC?

Here’s what Lai Mohammed (who was APC spokesperson) said in 2015: “It is not about the fortunes of the party, it is about the fortunes of the country. Now we are going to have more qualitative laws, and this is a man who enjoys support across board so we have a speaker who is accepted on the right and the left”.

Lai also said there was no need for Tambuwal to resign as Speaker even though he had become a member of the minority party in parliament at the time.

“Those who are saying that the speaker should resign In 1982 when the NPN and NPP accord broke down, Ume-Ezeoke did not step down as the speaker neither did Wash Pam step down as the deputy president of the senate”, he said.

What did the APC say after Saraki left?

After Saraki left for the PDP, APC Chairman Adams Oshiomhole asked the senate president to give up his leadership of the senate.

“The only thing is that there are other consequential issues that every man or woman of honour who had taken such decisions would be expected to follow through.

“I mean, you should not collect a crown that belongs to a family and wear it on behalf of the family if for your personal reasons which he has enumerated that he has gone to another family.

“It is just a matter of honour to leave the crown in the house that the crown belongs to”.

And when Akpabio's defection became public knowledge?

After it became clear that minority leader Godswill Akpabiowill dump the PDP for the APC this week, Lai Mohammed said:

“I welcome it (defection of Akpabio) because all politics is local. All those who have left us did that for purely personal reasons.

“Since they say politics is a game of number, of course we welcome gladly the defection of the minority leader. Like they say,

Doublespeak much?