President Muhammadu Buharis approval rating has dropped to 40% nationwide in a new performance survey conducted by renowned agency, NOI Polls Limited.

The latest nationwide score, which covers January 2018, represents a 5-point decline from his 45% approval rating in December 2017.

The president's disapproval rating stands at 43% while 17% of Nigerians who took part in the survey were undecided.

Details of the poll, based on geo-political zones, showed that the president is most popular in the northeast zone with a 66% approval rating and least popular in the southeast zone with only 12% approval rating.

In the other zones, he has a 63% in the northwest, 30% in north central, 30% in the southwest, and 18% in the south south.

The president's performance in agriculture and food security got a 46% 'excellent+good' approval rating (the highest) while he was rated 12% for his performance on poverty alleviation.

Nigerians that were interviewed for the survey include civil servants, traders, businessmen/women, farmers, artisans, religious leaders, students, youth corps members and the unemployed.

The president got his most favourable rating from respondents within the ages of 36-60 (41%) and his least favourable from people older than 60 (30%), while 38% of Nigerians between the ages of 18-35 approved of his performance.

Remarkably, the president scored a 0% rating with the corps members who were part of the survey as 75% strongly disapproved of his performance while the other 25% simply disapproved.

How poll is conducted

NOI Polls periodically assesses the opinion of Nigerians on socio-economic and governance issues with its Opinion Polling Centre (NOPC) dedicated to capturing the opinions of Nigerians daily.

Interviews are randomly conducted nationwide as Nigerian phone owners aged 18 years and above are selected across the six geopolitical zones in the country.