President Muhammadu Buhari has begged Nigerians to exercise patience with him as he delivers the change he promised to bring to the country.

The President made the comments on Thursday, July 16, in his Eid-el-Fitr message.

Buhari said:

“I remain wholly committed to giving the required leadership towards undoing the wrongs of the past, ensuring that Nigeria truly begins to unlock its great potential and that the benefits of our immense national resources are shared and enjoyed by all, not just by successive cabals of corrupt leaders and their cronies.”

“I was aware of your high expectations when I assumed office and I reassure you, my fellow citizens, that since my inauguration on May 29, this year, I have been working with utmost dedication to meticulously plan and tackle the many national challenges which we identified and promised to resolve.”

“To succeed, however, I need your continued support, understanding and patience. I fully understand and share the thirst of my long-suffering compatriots for corruption-free government institutions that work efficiently to deliver visible development for the benefit of all citizens.

“I also share the feelings of those who think that we should be moving faster. But I urge them and all Nigerians to trust that my commitment to real and positive change in our nation is as firm as ever.”

“There is indeed much work to be done, but we must do it well and carefully to ensure that the great opportunity which we now have is not lost to the “business as usual” group who selfishly or short-sightedly prefer a status quo that panders to their personal or group interests.”

Buhari has been criticized for what many have called the ‘slow pace’ of his administration and was in a July 1 article by Bloomberg described as  “Baba Go Slow”.


Watch video of Buhari's inaugural speech below: