However, according to the APC’s Deputy National Chairman (North), Senator Lawal Shuaibu, the party will not intervene in the matter because it doesn’t want to tamper with the functions of law enforcement agencies.

“Article 7 (5) of the APC constitution gives us the power to do certain things. So, you see, what we are doing is the right thing. But only we don’t want that in the public gallery,” Shuaibu said.

“What is padding? What is of concern to us is where any member contravenes the party constitution in his conduct. That is why I referred you to Article 7 (5) of our party constitution. We are not a law enforcement organisation. We don’t enforce law. We only ensure that the constitution is complied with. All members of the party are answerable to the party and answerable to their constituencies.

“The two members that are subjected to this are elected or appointed members of the party including those that are holding public office. So, you expect the party to sit down and watch. No. We have to do our work. So, the question of sweeping anything under the carpet does not arise at all. But we don’t want to do it in the market place, in the party secretariat,” he added.

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The APC had earlier warned both Dogara and Jibrin to stop making statements to the press in order to salvage the situation.

The silence however didn’t last long due to Dogara saying that budget padding is not an offence.