The Lagos state chapter of the

The PDP said this in reaction to a recent poll result published by the African Leadership Magazine, which rated Ambode as the best performing Governor in Nigeria.

The Lagos PDP Publicity Secretary, Gani Taofik, said rating Ambode as the best performing Governor is laughable.

In a swift reaction, the Lagos state All Progressives Congress (APC)  Publicity Secretary, Joe Igbokwe, said “The Lagos PDP will not acknowledge the monumental achievements recorded in the last 14 months by the Ambode administration, which are being appreciated by all and sundry.

“Nothing good can come from the Lagos PDP or the national leadership of the party. They are the same. The only thing they know how to do is to scheme to get to power and use their positions to steal everything in sight. See where they left Nigeria in 16 years.”

Speaking further, on the rating, Taofik said “Can Governor Akinwunmi Ambode walk on the streets and receive the same kind of support that Governor Fayose gets in Ekiti? Ambode’s elitist style cannot be compared to that of Mimiko and Fayose, who are governors that the common man recognises and relates easily with.

“Ambode cannot match the popularity and acceptability that both Mimiko and Fayose command in Ondo and Ekiti states respectively. Fayose and Mimiko are far better than Ambode.”

In June 2016, during Governor Ambode’s 53rd birthday celebration, the Lagos PDP commended Ambode for doing a good jobin the state.