Emmanuel Nkwuete, husband of Eunice Atuejide, a female

Nkwuete said he and their six children cannot wait for Atuejide to become president.

At the recent congress of the NIP which took place at Valencia Hotel in Abuja on August 20, 2018, Atuejide had introduced Nkwuete as her husband soon after he handed her a handkerchief to wipe her teary eyes.

Speaking to , Nkwuete described his wife as the “breath of fresh air” that Nigeria needs.

“I believe Nigeria is due for a breath of fresh air and an injection of youthfulness to pilot the affairs of this nation,” he declared.

“At this point, I feel very proud of the fact that there is still hope for this country. I believe she stands a very good chance of winning. We won’t be doing this if otherwise,” he announced.

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Nkwuete, a businessman, said he was initially uncomfortable with his wife’s decision to run for President.

He urged Nigerians to support his wife at the polls.

“Initially, I felt very uncomfortable with the fact that my wife was contesting for the position of President. But overtime, I got used to the idea that our country needs a drastic idea in leadership. A change from the norm and what we are used to. The everyday story, unaccountability, and indecision in leadership.

I would urge Nigerians to not dismiss the idea of a young person or woman in becoming President. Sometimes, the society scums upon such lofty dreams. They say ‘how can a youth or woman lead us?’ I will like to ask Nigerians to give everyone a chance. I want them to give her a chance,” he advised.

Asked how family members feel about her decision, he said: "I can't wait for her to win and become president. The children cannot wait too. They have sent congratulatory messages after she emerged as presidential aspirant already," he announced.

Atuejide, a legal practitioner, and four other women are seeking to take President Muhammadu Buhari’s job in 2019.