Last week, the Peugeot Automobile Nigeria Ltd (PAN) launched a new made-in-Nigeria model called the 508.

This new model was assembled in the company’s manufacturing plant in Kaduna, and debuted in Abuja.

At the debut, the Managing Director, Alhaji Ibrahim Boyi, had only good things to say about the car.

“I travelled to and fro Kaduna to Abuja two times on a full tank of petrol with this car. And as you are sitting at the back, you can shut down your AC and the other people will not be complaining, this is the beauty of this car, it has facilities for tea, coffee and all your drinks, it has so many options and the car is very roomy for executives. When you sit at the back you have so much room.”

He also listed some nice qualities of the car, here are five cool things about the 508.

Based on all of these qualities, the Head of Marketing, PAN, Shepuya Icha, called this car, 'an instant success in the Nigeria market.'

Reports say the 508 will go for N8 million.

Do you think this car will do well in the Nigerian market?