Visa protects you in a number of ways. Such as these:

1. The Visa chip technology:

Visa chip technology protects in-store payments by generating a unique, one-time code that is virtually impossible to replicate for counterfeit cards.

2. Point-to-point encryption

Encryption protects payment data as it travels through payment systems by securely locking sensitive account information as a transaction is being processed. Such data can’t be read and reused in the case of theft or if it has been compromised.

4. Predictive fraud analytics

Visa’s payment network, VisaNet, uses advanced fraud monitoring and detection systems to prevent fraud.

5. Transaction alerts

Clients receive real time ‘text messages or email alerts for every transaction made with their payment cards. Thus they can quickly identify suspicious transactions.

Device ID

Information about the device you use while shopping online can help refine fraud detection analytics.

6. 3 digit code

The code shown at the back of Visa cards is a security code that lets e-commerce merchants know that you are physically holding the card at any time of purchase.

7. Verified by Visa

Verified by visa lets the issuers analyze and risk score e-commerce purchases to identify potentially fraudulent transactions.

8. Tokenization

Tokenization is a technology that replaces sensitive payment account information with a digital account number of token.

This is a feature by Visa.