Over the past few weeks, there has been increasing global interest in Iran, as the country's economy and business climate has suddenly become the subject of widespread analysis.

Investors all over the world, especially Iranians living abroad, are now looking to take advantage of the country's vast natural resources and well-educated workforce.

Iran has for some time now, been a no-go area for most investors due to international sanctions imposed on the country.

The sanctions, which came alongside the arrest of the country's nuclear program, has deterred even investors in neighbouring countries from doing business in Iran.

However, things are about to change as indications are emerging that Iran's nuclear deal could be approved and all sanctions on the country could be removed. The business climate in Iran is getting more attractive. In fact, the Tehran Stock Exchange has been recording significant surges lately.

According to Mahdi Yazdizadeh, one of the partners in Iran-based investment fund Pasargad, many foreign investors have already done their homework and have started travelling to Iran to see multiple investment opportunities for themselves.

The 34-year old graduate of Oxford university sees the on-going talks as a 50-50 thing -either the talks fail and Iran continues to struggle, or the plan goes through and Iran's economy starts to witness a whole new world of possibilities.

Although investors worldwide are warming up to storm Iran in case of a positive outcome, the removal of the sanctions will not be a quick process. Even if a deal is reached in June or July, it might take five to six months for the sanctions to come off completely.

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