Duane Dunston, cyber-security professor, has developed a new app, You Have a Voice. He said the app will help human trafficking victims tell their story in their native language.

He added that the app will protect the confidentiality of the victims, and also enable them to speak about their ordeals without shame.

Citing that most victims are afraid to speak to police officers, because of fear or shame.

He also added that the arrest rate will increase, because the police will get unhindered information that will be useful in tracking down offenders.

In a phone interview with Thomson Reuters Foundation Prof. Dunston said: "Cops I've spoken with keep talking about the language barrier, whether it's because the victims don't speak English or don't want to speak to police due to a lack of trust."

According to statistics from the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, over 100,000 fall victim to human traffickers annually.