The Nigeria Customs Service has announced that only semi-treated and fully processed wood products will be allowed through its command as export.

The Customs Area Comptroller of the Tin-Can Island Command, Mr. Yusuf Bashar confirmed this while speaking to stakeholders in Lagos.

He mentioned that there is a need to sensitize the public so as to ensure that only exportable wood products are brought in to the port adding that anything short of what the law permits will be confiscated.

Bashar also said that the command had to bring in officials of the Federal Environment Protection Agency, (FEPA) to assist the Customs in explaining and showing to exporters the difference between treated and untreated wood products.

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He stated that export does not add any foreign duty, noting this in the light of a dwindling crude oil business which the country had solely depended on.

According to him, exportation is highly being encouraged in order to offer the country an alternative.

“Price per barrel is going down, it is our major foreign exchange earner so Nigerians must be encouraged to export as much lawful products as possible.”

He offered an invitation to government agencies that approved such exports to tell exporters what is called processed and semi processed woods.