The Naira recovered slightly on the parallel market yesterday evening, trading at N315 to the dollar buyers. The speculative trend of the currency seems to remain as it keeps fluctuating, even though pressure on the currency has eased considerably.

This morning, the Naira continues to trade at the same N315/dollar, which it traded at as at yesterday evening. Right now, you can sell at N325/dollar on the parallel market.

For other foreign currencies, you can buy the British Pound at N435/pound on the parallel market, or sell for N440/pound.

The Euro is also trading for N340/euro, while you can sell for N350/euro. These figures are the same figures which the naira posted by the close of business yesterday.

Note that these figures are the current morning rate at which the naira is trading on the black market. We will be bringing you the afternoon and evening rates so stay with Pulse Money to keep you updated.