If you’re looking for a wireless speaker to use in your home, chances are you’re trying to decide between AirPlay and Bluetooth.

The Wren V5US doesn’t force you to make that choice: it supports AirPlay, Bluetooth, Play-Fi, which means you can connect iOS devices, Android devices, and any smartphone with Bluetooth to it to play your music wirelessly. It also looks very good.

The V5US is like a combination of three earlier Wren V5 models, which could play via AirPlay, Bluetooth and Play-Fi respectively. It maintains the same wooden enclosure, wave design, and great sound just like the earlier models, while supporting more wireless options.

Wren speakers have received praise for their great sound and the V5US is not an exception. It has sound that doesn’t distort, tunable bass response, and reliable wireless connectivity.

If you have the Play-Fi app on your Android or iOS, it’s possible to link multiple V5US’ models together for a multi-room system.

The V5US can be bought directly from Wren for $499 and you get great sound with great looks and almost universal connectivity.