In living up to its renewed commitment to make customer satisfaction the hub of its operations, MTN Nigeria officials listened and shared with a section of the city’s muslim community in a gesture that demonstrated how much MTN values the opinions of its diverse customer base.

Comfortably seated in the FABs Centre and Events, under the hall décor in MTNN’s signature warm Y’ello colours, guests engaged with top management executives, asked questions and shared observations about products and services while breaking the day’s Ramadan fast.

Speaking on this initiative, MTN Nigeria, COO, Muhammad Siddiqui, said, “At special times like this, MTN understands the need to show appreciation to our dear customers and enhance the emotional connection we share with them. For our dear customers of the Islamic faith, this holy month of Ramadan provides us that unique opportunity to do so”.

The Ramadan Iftaar event is one of several ‘Voice of the Customer’ initiatives that kicked off this year, with forums in the cities of Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja. Each session has been marked by vibrant dialogue covering a wide range of topics, e.g. discussion on the state of the industry, feedback on MTN products and services, suggestions on service improvements, etc.

According to Muhammad Siddiqui, “This approach is in line with our stakeholder management strategy to proactively and effectively engage our customers, with a view to understanding how we can serve them better and ultimately fulfil our mission - to make our customers lives a whole lot brighter!”

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