Based on the rapid growth in the telecommunications industry, the

Technology is empowering Nigerian enterprises to be more flexible, responsive and efficient than ever before as mobile Internet applications are visibly transforming the business world with the availability of affordable cloud applications.

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Statistic report from shows that the total mobile subscription penetration in sub-Saharan Africa is about 80 percent, but will grow to 100 percent with 1 billion mobile subscriptions by 2021.

According to the regional director for Sage West Africa, Magnus Nmonwu, Nigeria is adopting the mobile internet as quickly and enthusiastically as it did to mobile voice services some years ago.

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“In addition to the productivity boom, organisations need to adopt mobile business processes and apps to meet the expectations of employees and customers. Today’s consumer and employee wants to interact with companies using accessible, easy to use mobile services and apps,” Nmonwu said.

“Enterprises thus need to start mobile security and device management, so that they can support mobile employees, as today’s consumer wants service on demand from a handset and today’s employee wants to be productive wherever he or she is, at anytime or in any location,” he added.Read: 'Nigeria cannot devalue Naira or compete with developed nations,' Buhari says

statistics show that 7.1 million Nigerians access its platform every day, and that 100 percent of its monthly users do so using a mobile, smart phone.