His family are now the owner of a modern apartment. Besides being at the center of attention, this is one of the perks that has accompanied his transition into stardom.

Professionally referred to as ‘Waspa’, on Instagram he shares pictures of himself with his family in their new home as well as the old one.

"I Thank God the Almighty for His mercy and grace. Forever will I continue to praise you. My family and I now move to our new house," reads a caption on Waspa's IG.


His parents were present at a ceremony marking his "adoption" by a Nigerian bank.

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Sketching a portrait of Emmanuel Macron

The young hyperrealist recalls with excitement the opportunity, painting a world renowned figure, Emmanuel Macron.

In early July, the latter who was on a two-day visit to Nigeria arrived at the Afrika Shrine to reveal the launch of the African Cultural Season. The event is expected to hold in France in the year 2020.

The meeting was a big moment for Waris. His sketches gained appreciation from across the hall full of guests. Perfect lines from his drawing ensured a tweet from Macron appraising the quality of his work.

"To paint Emmanuel Macron. I am very happy," he pauses as he tried to gather his thoughts.

"And to see a president of France, because I have never seen (met with) a president at all in my life," adds Waris who is learning to improve his craft at an arts academy.