Hurricane Jinadu has landed in Lagos. If you are in the Centre of Excellence, then you know that the skies are grey.

With all the hurricanes happening in America and the floods across the world, we should thank God. Our disasters are man made and not natural. Imagine a real hurricane hitting Lagos. It's unthinkable.

While Americans battle with hurricanes, we have to battle with politicians. Our politicians in office should be thinking about improving the country. Instead, they are already positioning themselves for the elections in 2019.

Shouldn't they be concerned with the job at hand before seeking reelection? The average Nigerian politician is like a primary school student who buys text books for the next class not knowing if he will fail the one he is in. As they say on the streets- God dey.

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If things get worse, I might just move to Ghana and change my name to Kofi Mensah. I won't be the first Nigerian to adopt Ghana as his native country, just ask Mr Eazi.

After mining the sounds of Ghanaian pop music and selling it to the world, Tosin Ajibade is not happy that Nigerian singers have become culture vultures. To be honest, I am tired of all the Ghana bounce (no shade to Ajebutter, I love that song) on TV and radio. Guys, think outside the box and bring something fresh to the table.

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Mr Eazi should chill with the Ghana loving at the expense of Nigeria. We know you blew up in Ghana first. You don't need to rub it in the face of Nigerians every time. One day this Accra wave will end and you will need Naija to go hard for you. Nigerians are accommodating but they never forget.

Rihanna has released her Fenty Beauty Line and all the slay queens (not using this as a derogatory word) have been tweeting crazy about it. Fenty Beauty Line cannot cure cancer but it is very inclusive and accommodates women of all types of colour. That's a big deal for many women who have been struggling to find the right foundation for their skin tone.

All I want to know is when my brothers in Aba will create their own version of Fenty Beauty Line? They didn't waste time with the Fenty slippers, so I don't expect them to waste time with this. It's not every babe in Naija that is tweeting about Rihanna's beauty products that will afford it. Our Igbo brothers should help to fill the gap as soon as possible.

Oh and yeah, make sure you listen to the latest episode of the biggest podcast in West Africa (facts?) Loose Talk today. Bless up.