According to the Kenyan woman identified as Shamim, she has always known her husband to be a worker at the airport.

She told Anthony Ndiema on the Nisamehe show that it is unforgivable for her husband to lie to her for a whole decade of marriage about his profession.

Shamim had always known that her husband, David, was an employee at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport but not until she got into a confrontation with the neighbours one day that the whole truth came to light.

"Normally, he leaves in the morning smartly dressed and you'd never notice. So we were fighting for water with the other women and one of them just came out and told me 'There's no way your special while your husband is a garbage collector'. I tried to defend myself knowing she was wrong but the rest backed her up and I thought then there must be some truth about it,” Shamim said.

Woman dumps husband after realising he’s a garbage collector 10 years after marriage
Woman dumps husband after realising he’s a garbage collector 10 years after marriage

According to, when David returned home from work, Shamim forced him to confess and he finally admitted to the truth.

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She explained that she left the marriage not necessarily because of the garbage collector job but for the lies and shame he caused her.

What is worse is the fact that her family members and friends also knew he was an airport staff.

In a video, the interviewer Anthony tried to persuade Shamim to have a talk with David for them to iron out their differences.

Explaining his reason for living a fake life, remorseful David said he knew he was wrong but only wanted to protect his love and family hence lying about his job.

"If I never loved you, I would not apologise but I am indeed sorry for the lie and hope you can agree to us going back to what we used to be," he said.

Shamim who claimed to have lost trust for her husband said she needed a few months to come to terms with her husband’s betrayal.