A few weeks ago, a viral video surfaced on the internet of some yahoo boys, mocking an old man, looking distraught after they allegedly robbed him of his retirement benefits. There is a problem;

In said video, those yahoo boys were even calling the old white man names in Yoruba that would mean, ‘unfortunate’ while they were laughing and celebrating scamming another human being of his retirement benefits.

Today, a video has equally surfaced of another set of Yahoo boys who probably got found out by and were unable to scam a a white man. Apparently, he got so angry and animated that he held a gun with the intention to shoot them through the phone.

In the video since posted on Instablog9ja earlier today, though the white man’s face was censored, the few seconds one sees of his face reveals blind rage from a man who felt he could have fallen victim to these terrible human beings.

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Like this white man, a BBC journalist recently exposed a catfish by posing as a wealthy woman, based in the UK. Despite being found out, he tried to cover his tracks. You can read the story here.

You can watch the video here;