Here are 5 fashion pieces that tell your intentions as much as a 24-carat Rolex wristwatch would (and we’re not exaggerating!)


Simi Gown

This Simi set at only N4,000 calls her out as classy and mature.

She got her style on check and you’re sensitive enough to let her know you see that.

And, she’ll know you think she’s “babe material”!


Apo Mi

You’re telling him he’s a baby boy, not some old school dude that can’t pull off shorts.

You also want him to know you like his calves (winks), so let him show off.

Of course it’s shorts, but he won’t be short of compliment when he gets this. Achieve all of this for only N15,000 here.



When the sparkles are not just in her eyes, but in her clothes too.

You saw that and wanted the world to know.

She’ll be walking beside you in this and people will stare.

She loves all the attention and will love you more because you bought her this dress. Dress available for N15,000 here.



Yeah, we know. You don’t want her wearing anything but your friends called to hang.

You want her getting out of the dress in a snap when you get back because you’ll both be tipsy and would want some (winks). So, for only N15,000 you get her wearing the perfect outfit for Valentine.



So some of your friends think he’s not stylish enough. Bah!

He is. He doesn’t just know what to wear sometimes (most times actually).

You do this then. You buy him this Tunic that costs N7.500 only.

Your friends will then go like “Who styled this hot dude?”

You’ll be petty enough to plant a kiss on his cheek then. They’ll get the gist.

We don’t want you breaking the bank. Exactly why we went all out to do a Valentine special collection. Don’t worry, it fits into your budget. Visit to see for yourself.

Happy Valentine’s Day Guys!

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