Pulse recently reported the story of two brothers who

They have since revealed how they met the woman — it was through the social networking site, Facebook.

According to Yabaleftonline, over the past weekend, the two men were arrested after an angry mob had stripped them naked and tied them up as they called an Alhaji to inform him that they had body parts for sale.

One of the two suspects who identified himself as Emeka claimed he was from Ukawu in Ebonyi state. He also claimed that the other suspect, nicknamed Million was responsible for the woman’s death.

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Million has however confessed that “We chatted her up online, through a message.” When asked if the woman was a prostitute, Million answered, “Yes, a prostitute. For Twenty five thousand.”

While Emeka insisted on his innocence as the mob asked Million how the woman was killed, Million said, “Na this boy (Emeka) use rope tie am.”

The woman’s body was also close to the scene of the interrogation with blood on her body.