In Bayelsa State, Nigeria, a group of journalists have received severe

The latter, who is the founder of the God is Able Mega Fire Ministry located in Opolo community of Yenagoa, had just stepped out of a trial at the Magistrate Court 3 on Wednesday, April 4, 2018, when a fight broke out.

According to Sahara Reporters, Abiekunogho had ordered his supporters, mainly worshippers at his church to protect him from the lens of probing journalists - they seemed to be responding to this request when they assaulted the newsmen.

Worthy of note following the assault was the damaging of a camera belonging to a TV Continental News crew.

Sahara Reporters also mentioned that Apostle Kingsley Abiekunogho had "fraudulently obtained a Toyota Sport utility vehicle and N20,000 from Sayou, his church member in exchange for spiritual breakthroughs."

He reportedly failed to fulfill expectations nurtured by congregants who had hoped for an improvement in their finances.

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Pastor slaps Tithe money on butt of nightclub stripper

In the United States of America, a clergyman, Pastor Jenkins, proved his worth at a nightclub where he reportedly slapped tithe money on the butt of a stripper.

A clip shared by a Facebook user, Myles Jack Jnr. on Saturday, March 18, 2018, showed him as he splashed Dollar bills on the buttock of a woman.

Jenkins, who appeared fully engrossed in the act brings to mind some of the criticism that has welcomed the activities of some 'men of God' who are perceived to having a liking for frivolous lifestyle.

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This factor has motivated a movement of critics who are looking to inspire a change in attitude.

The goal seems a desire to resuscitate the true value of Christianity which preaches love and concern for one another.