The wedding that hit Nigeria with a bang took place last night on Saturday, the 6th of October at the Loveworld Arena Lekki Church. The daughter of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Sharon Carissa Oyakhilome, wed international businessman, Phillip Frimpong. The nation is still basking in the afterglow of this joyous union. It is an event that inspired millions of people to gather in this momentous occasion of love and faith. The event created waves in the Believer’s LoveWorld global community, the Nigerian-based church.

World-renowned Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the head of Believer’s LoveWorld Incorporation, aka Christ Embassy and author of the Rhapsody of Realities book', has been preaching his Christian ways around the world for decades.

His daughter and gospel singer, Sharon Carrisa Oyakhilome, aka CSO married the distinguished Dutch-born business man Phillip Frimpong on Saturday the 6th of October. The marriage was officiated by the world-renowned Pastor Benny Hinn. Pastor Chris, standing beside his daughter, witnessed this holy union, and acknowledged the presence of God in their union and said "thank you for the amazing message you have given to them, you put your word into their lives Thank you for confirming your word".

What followed was an illustrious event of performances by notable gospel artists and the Christ Embassy choir, as well as four different receptions that continued from that day early into the following morning.

Here are the highlights of the Oyakhilome wedding.

Phillip Frimpong, the Dutch-born Ghanaian entrepreneur made his way down the carpet "looking like the king and priest that he is." The groom who wore a dashing tail suit and white bowtie, was accompanied down the aisle by his best man. The choir ushered in his appearance with a glorious melody.

Phillip Frimpong, the groom, was born in the Netherlands to Ghanaian parents and was raised in the UK. Phillip found himself being drawn back to his African roots decided to create the company ONUA together sister. ONUA is a décor company that specializes in African designer prints. This was especially evident in his excellent choice in the traditional kente wrap that he wore at this engagement party.

When it was time for the appearance of the bride, Sharon Carissa, aka CSO and her father Pastor Chris walked down the aisle side by side. Sharon wore an exquisite white sequenced dress that glistened as she proceeded down the long carpet. The church orchestra played as she and father made their way down the aisle. Guests were reportedly staring in awe at her beauty.

Sharon Carissa, the daughter of the man of God himself is a house-hold name in her own right. The award-winning gospel starlet, who also goes by 'CSO' leads a successful musical career and has had several hits, such as her debut single, ‘I’m Excellent’ featuring Ice Stanley and Her recent hit ‘Joy’.

Moments before the couple joined in holy matrimony, Sinach belted out one of her hits setting off the commencement of the official union. With the couple gathered together, and Pastor Chris standing as witness, Benny Hinn officiated their marriage.

Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn have both lead illustrious careers in spiritual leadership and have ministered together on a number of occasions. Pastor Chris has stated that working with Pastor Hinn has been one of "the top most blessings" of his life and went on to say that he is simply "special to God".

As Pastor Benny Hinn officiated the ceremony, he said to the couple "God is bringing you together for ministry. Ministering to the Lord is what releases His power. When you begin ministering to the Lord together, miracles will begin to happen for you." The combined blessings of Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn were overpowering. The newlyweds were shaking from the pastors' immense presence. In the live stream, Frimpong can be seen being brought to tears from the power of the collective blessings of Pastor Chris.

Reportedly thousands of attendees gathered at LoveWorld Arena Lekki Church from across the globe, among them, many highly esteemed dignitaries of the Christ Embassy Church and Nigeria's biggest celebrities.

The rest of the nation was glued to their screens enjoying the ceremony from a live broadcast on LoveWorld networks. The stream was available from start to finish on all LoveWorld networks.

The official ceremony drew to a close as the entire church praised halleluiah in unison. The after-party took place at The LoveWorld Convocation Area with celebrations continuing until early the next morning. There, an array of the biggest gospel singers around the world took to the stage. The list of artists included; Testimony; Martin PK; UR Flame; Sniper and Israel Strong.

Guests were reportedly heard saying it was the most marvellous and faith inspiring event that they had witnessed in a long time. The impact it had on the community, continues to affect the Christ Embassy following. The church has expressed how the precious union. has affected their community.

Pastor Chris and his Christ Embassy church have been viewed as a beacon of hope and salvation for millions of Nigerians, and of course many more around the world. Due to Oyakhilome's status and Christ Embassy's great impact on the country, the event is considered to be national day of pride and joy for Nigeria.

According to reports from Christ Embassy, it was a "heartfelt ceremony that inspired faith and love". The event reportedly left guests breathless from the couples’ emanating love. It moved crowds and touched their beloved friends and family of the Oyakhilome family.

This is without a doubt the most buzzed about event of the year and was said to have even affected the country's mobile networks due to the online traffic of the live stream.

To conclude, a beautiful time was had by all, and the echoes of Saturday's praises resonate throughout the land. The public is eager to see what lies in store for the newlyweds and how Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Christ Embassy will continue to inspire faith, love and devotion among the people.

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