Friends of a young Nigerian man who gave up the ghost after five different hospitals could not provide Oxygen for him have been lamenting the dearth of adequate medical facilities in the country.

According to Ayo Atitebi who posted the sad incident on his Twitter handle, the deceased identified only as Chris, could have been saved if the five hospitals he was rushed to had Oxygen to give him.

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Expressing shock at the incident, Atibebi narrated that the young man who was very ill and needed Oxygen to keep him alive, died because all the hospitals he was taken to complained that they did not have the capacity to provide the Oxygen.

This is what Atitebi posted:

“So 5 hospitals didn’t have oxygen and we lost you, Chris! 5 goddamned hospitals! Loving this country is HARD!!! Nigeria sucks…”

This is coming on the heels of the incessant strikes embarked by doctors and other medical workers in the country owing to a backlog of salaries, unimproved working conditions, and other sundry matters.

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Many keep wondering how the country got so bad that providing basic amenities for the masses have continued to be a Herculean task while the political elites fly abroad for their medical care instead of fixing the medical sector in the nation.

May the soul of the young man rest in peace, Amen.

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