Albert Camus couldn’t have put it any better. 

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your “singular existence” is an act of rebellion. 

What shapes your “Singular Existence”? 

Terrence Odenigbo started out his career as an on-air personality at his university radio station, handling various voice needs for the station and soon grew into a voice-over sensation. His wealth of experience cuts across commercials, movies, TV shows and documentary programmes for many established and emerging brands.

“Singular Existence” by TerryTheVoice for Off-White™️

TerryTheVoice has a brisk, reverberating bass voice that captures the attention of any class of audience but when he makes music, he is Amazin’.  

Terry is the voice behind the Instant Pickup and Instant Apartment commercials which aired on Big Brother Naija: Double Wahala and The Headies (2018).

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