She was seen having a confrontation with a conductor who appeared to have found it difficult dealing with her energy.

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A video of Instagram showed her as she pushed a shirtless bus conductor on his shoulder.

While a crowd of onlooker watched on, she seemed ready in fight mode nearly giving the low action man a headbutt.

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Lagos 'danfo' conductors beat policeman but he runs for his life

In Mile 2, Lagos, a mob comprised of 'danfo' conductors and pedestrians have joined hands to beat a policemen who tried to escape after much hammering.

On Instagram, a video showed the cop as he got pummeled by the group who were seen hitting him with dangerous objects.

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He reportedly received the hits after requesting for a N100 bribe on Thursday, May 31, 2018.

The mob, captured in a chase was unrelenting in its interest to mete out punishment to the law enforcer.