According to the Daily Post, the husband told the court he was seeking divorce on the grounds of adultery and sex starvation, but the wife responded with her own claim of adultery and occultism.

The wife says, “The reason why I admitted to part ways with Musbau is that he is an unrepentant womanizer. Musbau recently joined a cult and I felt threatened. He has plunged me into a huge debt by his ineptitude because he neither caters for the children nor me.”

The husband however also claimed that, “My lord, after my numerous attempts at persuading Sherifat to allow me to perform my conjugal rights with her failed, I have no other option than to approach the court and ask for a divorce. Before she started denying me of sex, I observed that Sherifat had suddenly made some incision around her waist and also washes her private parts before allowing me.”

He continues, “Furthermore, she planted some charms in our wardrobe although I do not know the reasons, because she did not deem it fit to inform me or tell me what the charms were meant for. Subsequently, she started avoiding me because whenever I return home at night, the children will tell me that she has gone to the church. Later, I caught her red-handed sleeping with one of my close friends, and as if that was not enough, she accused me of using my sexual relationship with her for rituals.”

Sherifat however denies sleeping with any friends, “I also don’t sleep with any of his friends.”

President of the court, Chief Ademola Odunade however ruled and granted the divorce. He also granted Sherifat custody of the children while stating the usual reluctance of the court against granting divorce except in cases of necessity — which their case represents.