Before I begin, Id like to clearly state that the views I am about to express are mine and I stand by them based on personal experience.

From the bottom of my heart, I pray you buy what I am selling but the truth is I cannot force you. I can only continue to pray that God, by his Spirit, opens the eyes of the understanding of everyone that reads this and sniggers and/or rolls his/her eyes. I used to be like them once upon a time.

I did not really see how deeds or misdeeds by people in my past; my ancestors could affect my now and my future and that of my family.

I honestly believed that, even if they did, I could pray for God to block them and protect me generally and that would be just fine.

To my mind, Christ had paid the price for it ALL, and so I did not need to pray specifically about any of my issues. God already knew, right?

Yes, right. God does already know and yes, he has won our victory over it all by sacrificing Christ on the cross BUT we need to claim our victory.

Let me explain it this way.

It’s like when someone gives you a cheque for N100,000. The cheque has been signed and opened for cash. You trust that there is money in this person’s account. You are confident that the money is yours and it is BUT until you go to the bank and cash that cheque, or until you pay it into your account and it clears, you will have zero money in your hands.

Going to the bank to cash in the cheque or paying it into your account? That’s what we still need to do spiritually.

We need to cash in the spiritual cheques God has written for us. And I believe we do that by praying about what we want to cash in . That means, we need to name the problem.

So I have repented of praying generalised prayers especially when I saw nothing was changing.

God used a sistafriend of mine to really help me with this. Her help came in the form of a simple yet powerful statement. I shall paraphrase her:

“Prayer is good and it works. But sometimes, our prayers are ineffective because we do not know what we should be praying for or against.”

This is so simple but so true yet we still ignore it.

You see, many times, we are praying about the surface matters when we ought to be dealing with the root cause of the situation.

We need God to open our eyes to see what this root cause is, get a name for it and then command the 'name of the problem' to give way in obedience to the name of Jesus Christ. Then we will experience a shift in that situation.

I can testify and that is why I come here today to share this with you. I am living it.

The truth is many of us already practise this principle.

We believe that God has given Christ a name above every other name. So when we pray for healing, we tell the sickness or ailment that it has no right to be in our bodies because we bear a name that is higher and greater than it and so it must leave.

We call the sickness by its name and order it to leave in recognition that a superior name has been called down and it has no right to stick around in the presence of my Jesus Christ.

Indeed, it cannot.

For good measure, we also apply the power in the Blood of Christ.

Then when we want to really make those sickness demons run helter-skelter, we permeate our environment with praise and worship music.

Am I wrong? Is this not what we do? It is!

So we know that prayer works. But like I said above, sometimes you still pray and nothing happens.


Is God deaf?

No, he is not.

Is He ignoring you?

Never, it is not in his character.

Is he just being plain mean to you?

His love for you is boundless and unconditional so this cannot be.

So why are you still in the same situation?

You are still there because you have not taken the time to understand WHAT exactly you are dealing with.

You need to figure out what the root cause of your situation is.

You need to find out what 'name' you need to bring under submission to the name of Jesus Christ.

It is not about deliverance. It is more than that. I am asking you to seek divine illumination. You need God to shine his light into your life so you can see why you are STILL where you.

See, I keep saying this over and over, we are NOT only human.

We are spirits.

We just happen to live in these physical bodies. We need to pay closer attention to what is going on in the spiritual realm because, dear one, before you see anything manifest here on earth, it has already taken place in the spirit.

What many fail to fully grasp and/or believe is that there exists a subtle and intangible world beyond the understanding of our five senses, mind and intellect. It is called the spiritual realm.

In fact, this world we are familiar with is so small that compared to the spiritual realm it is in the ratio of one to infinity. You and I should therefore ask ourselves why, if this is so, we still spend so much time fighting in the physical.

It makes no sense!

And this is why the Bible tells us that we are not fighting against flesh and blood enemies but against what?

Yes, against evil rulers and authorities in the unseen world, against mighty powers in dark places and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

Do you see now?

It is these forces that are behind the stubborn situations in your life? Once you sort them out spiritually, things will change here on earth for you.

Trust me, I know and again, I can testify. The thing is you need to know what you are dealing with and only then can you pray aright.

You need to find out what the name of your problem is?

How do you find out?

You ask God.

He will either tell you directly or lead you to a person he has placed on this earth to help identify the root cause and deal with it permanently.

My dear reader, no matter what the name of the problem is, and no matter how long you have lived with it, when you call on Jesus Christ in faith, it just must bow.

It has no choice.

This, you see, is my testimony and I want it to be yours too.