Skipping Christmas by John Grisham [Book review]

This is an exclusive blog post by book reviewer and promoter, ToluBooks. ", the poor Kranks were tortured tremendously and seemingly martyred for their outright refusal to participate in the annual festivities..."

Skipping Christmas by John Grisham

I can feel the trees, gifts, carol songs and odoriferous of  Christmas Food. I am looking forward to visiting friends, party with co-workers, go home with gifts, give lot of books out, watch movies with my love ones and read Christmas books.

While looking for a Christmas book  to read, two of my friends sent 'Skipping Christmas' by; John Grisham book review to me, i believe it's a novel we should read this month and know why Christmas is an event not to be SKIPPED for any thing. I have the e-copy of the novel. You can send a mail to if you will like to read along with me.

John Grisham is known for writing about Law,Crime and Investigation but Skipping Christmas is a way of moving out of his comfort zone to try fresh waters. Below are the reviews of my two friends; Adele and Thomas on GoodReads, which I  have read the reviews and it's my Christmas novel.

Review by;Thomas : Skipping Christmas starts off with Luther and Nora Krank saying farewell at the airport to their daughter, Blair, as she departs to Peru to work for the Peace Corps. This is the first year she won't be celebrating Christmas with her family. Almost immediately afterward, Luther hatches a diabolical scheme - to skip celebrating Christmas altogether and depart on a cruise to the Caribbean instead, saving thousands of dollars in the process. At first Nora is reluctant but he persuades her and she finally accepts the idea. Now the married couple must endure the trials and tribulations that their Christmas fanatic neighborhood put them through and hope to come out not only alive but with a fantastic looking tan.

I picked this book up for two reasons: one being that I was looking for something to accomplish a certain task in a book reading challenge, and two that I was looking forward to reading something by John Grisham. He's better known for his law and courtroom thrillers, and after reading Skipping Christmas I can clearly see why.

The characters were all one-dimensional. Luther was the grumpy, unwilling, egotistical husband (notice how the last name conveniently be misinterpreted as cranky). Nora was the reluctant, easily brought to tears house wife. Blair was the perfect daughter that everyone loves. They were basically cardboard cut-outs and I didn't ever connect to any one of them: even the various people in their neighborhood seemed to be sadistic and cruel. Which brings me to my next point...

Why were the people on Hemlock Street so harsh and unforgiving? I'm sure that various people due to their religions and beliefs choose not to celebrate Christmas. Yet, the poor Kranks were tortured tremendously and seemingly martyred for their outright refusal to participate in the annual festivities. I know that Grisham intended this to be humorous, but I thought all the characters and most of the plot (skipping Christmas and being hassled) was over the top and really generalized.

Besides my forgiving rating system, the reason why Skipping Christmas managed to garner 2/5 stars was it's convenience. I can see how someone looking for a quick, easy read would enjoy this story. It had some funny moments, especially towards the end when the family is scurrying to create a positive experience. The writing was rather bland for my taste but probably accessible for someone looking for a fun, light Christmas story. Either way Skipping Christmas might want to be left alone until the holiday season comes around, because it would be difficult to get into at any other time of the year.

Review by; Adele : Since the Christmas season is close by I've decided to read a few Christams storys. this was one that I was a little afriad to pick up. Since the thought of "Skipping Christmas" is a little crazy to me. But I found this book to be very amusing and heart warming.

The two main characters have decided that since their daughter Blair is off to Lima Peru, that they wont get into the Christmas chaos this year and save not just a little but a whole lot of cash. No lights, no party, no presents...nothing. They decide to book a cruise instead and go off on a magical adventure this christmas.

Their neighbours however think that they have both gone crazy! and they start being mean to them and trying to get them to buckle under the peruser of no christmas. but the never do. they get to Christmas eve the day before they leave for the cruise when they get an "interesting" call that sets into motion a list of very funny events. I wont tell you what happens but i do recommend this to everyone that thinks that skipping Christmas is a good idea. because you never know what will happen the day before.


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