"Overcoming depression"

This is an exclusive blog post by fashion personality, Coco Olorunfemi. "...Sometimes we find that it is much easier to criticize ourselves and to pay more attention to our flaws than it is to love and accept them..."

overcoming depression

Love yourself.

This is one of the most watered down statements ever! Everywhere you turn, you hear it. You go out?... you hear it. Switch on the TV?... it's there. Everyone is talking about how to we should love ourselves bla bla bla. But how? How can I love myself with all I have been through? How do I find peace? How can I forgive myself and move on?

Sometimes we find that it is much easier to criticize ourselves and to pay more attention to our flaws than it is to love and accept them. Sometimes we're sinking in this rut without even knowing it. We do not want to be depressed or anything but we can't seem to find the strength to dance.

Reports say that most depressed people do not know they are depressed. They carry on their day  being as cynical and as blunt as ever not knowing that they are suffering from immense pain. Sometime this pain stems from years and years of let down and abuse. How does one get out of this rut? here are 4 steps to take to overcoming depression.

• Stop that critical inner voice

Groom yourself to kill every negative thoughts coming to your mind in it's tracks. Depression comes from lingering and dwelling on these negative thoughts till they start to fester. There is a saying that what you think about, you become. • Embrace the pain

instead of running from the pain, embrace it. Go through the emotions, cry if you want to... roll on the ground if you want to. Whatever it is you choose to do just make sure you let it out. This is usually the first step towards letting it go.• Refuse to punish yourself

Everyone is human. Everyone makes mistake... Including you. What usually happens is that we go on and set unrealistic expectations for ourselves and where we feel we remotely fall short of those expectation, we come down hard on ourselves. Learn to laugh at yourself instead. Shake off whatever it is trying to make you feel bad, laugh it off and move on. There is no point sentencing yourself to a dungeon.• Go out more

Surround yourself with the right kind of people. Go to new places, meet new friends, engage in great activities you once enjoyed as well as new ones.

Life is genuinely beautiful...You can't afford to stay down


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