In a bid to enhance internally generated revenue and simplify the tax collection process, the Edo State Government recently introduced its innovative technology based tax collection scheme – Thus automating the entire administrative process from capture to cash and cashless settlement of taxes by residents of the state.

In an interview with Kelvin Okereafor for, Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, explains that the new scheme will eliminate physical barriers that interfere with the revenue collection process.

One of Infrastructure partners, TechAdvance LTD is pleased to see the completion and roll out of this scheme. As a transaction platform development company serving the needs of Nigerian public and private sector organisations, this project is well aligned with the company’s competencies.

TechAdvance CEO, Edmund Olotu, says: “We are proud to bring our expertise in payment collections, aggregations and data analytics to bear on this project with Edo State. It is a well thought out service and indeed, we believe the most comprehensive tax service in the country, if not in Africa. We are pleased to be launching after months of meticulous planning and it is a huge win for the Edo people. The system has central aggregation and e-invoicing technology as well as payment solutions that cater for cashless and seamless transaction processing for both formal and informal sectors with online and offline features.”

The project, which has been delivered in an unprecedented record time of 18 months from conceptualisation, partner selection to development and integration, is tagged ‘Project Dobberman

According to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Edo Internal Revenue Service (EIRS), Mr Igbinidu Inneh, the innovative solution christened Edo Revenue Administration System (ERAS), “is being delivered as part of the strategic institutional transformation of the EIRS and feeds off the Governor’s objective to transform Edo State into an innovation hub."

Inneh explains that “The ERAS solution is a distributed revenue administration system which seeks to solve the challenges faced by revenue authorities in Nigeria for Edo State.”

The EIRS Chairman noted “the current tax base which grew within weeks of testing ERAS from just about 190,000 to over 250,000, will double within the first six months of operations and to one million within two years.”

“This accomplishment is truly one legacy Edo State will bequeath to the Nigerian Revenue Administration process and indeed other emerging economies of Africa" Says, Inneh.

He added: “The following revenue streams: Personal Income Taxes (PAYE and Direct Assessment), Withholding Tax, Land Use Charges, Consumption Tax, Vehicle Administration, Vehicle Insurance Policy Assurance, Business Premises (Regulations, Management and Control), Lottery Regulations, Stamp duties and other MDA services will be administered by the system."

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