A woman who could not control her anger has reportedly emptied an amount of hot water on Beauty Uwagie -

The employer has been arrested by the police in Rivers State as a result of the incident which occurred on Wednesday, July 4, 2018.

Help came for the victim through her school teacher who noticed scars of the harsh treatment received from her assaulter Christiana Eze.

To pass the night, 14-year-old Uwagie takes her position on a cold floor located in the house of her boss Punch News gathered.

Nnenna Igbokwe, a representative of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) spoke to Punch on the matter.

Her organisation first received information about the assault on the teen according to reports.

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A move made by FIDA ensured that it was brought to the attention of the police.

“She went to school on Wednesday and her teacher saw how she was writhing in pain. She was asked to remove her cloth only for them to see her scalded body.

"The school management brought her to us and we interviewed her.

“She said she had been living with that woman for some time and she had been sleeping on bare floor.

"On that day, after working the whole day, she was tired and she slept off using the couch to support her body.

"When the woman woke up around 2am, she went to get the water, which was boiled and kept in a flask for her baby, and poured it on her.

"Waking up from the shock and not realising who inflicted the pain on her, she ran to her guardian who pushed her to the ground and started beating her up as well.’

“We took her to the Kala Police Station and insisted that the woman must be arrested, while the girl has been in the custody of FIDA, receiving treatment," Igbokwe told Punch who gathered that the boss lady has been arraigned at the "Port Harcourt Magistrates’ Court on two counts of use of a child for forced labour and unlawful assault".

She pleaded not guilty to the charges but has been scheduled for re-arraignment in the third week of July.