It reflects a lack of confidence in the justice system as seen in the actions of the citizens who often prefer to mete out prompt punishment to an offender. It also suggests the loss of a sense of responsibility by the officer occupying the vehicle.

A social media influencer Japheth Omojuwa witnessed a mob justice in progress in Monatan located in the state capital and shared a video on Instagram. In the clip, some men can be seen abusing another man who reportedly attempted to kidnap a girl.

The suspect was identified as an Islamic cleric who allegedly hypnotized the victim to take her to an unknown location. While waiting for a vehicle to take them away, the girl was recognized by friends.

"This is currently happening at Monatan Ibadan. Any society where the law constantly fails the people, the people will take the law into their hands.

"Jungle Justice is evil, it is not justice in any sense," Japheth Omojuwa alerts in the IG post.

In a tweet after, the influencer confirmed that the lynch mob were unable to set the suspected kidnapper ablaze. This made them to think that he had a strong voodoo to rely on.

The disinterest shown by the police as noticed in the video is perhaps more shocking than a man who cannot be set on fire.