The video captured the law enforcement officers manhandling a naked man in Khayelitsha of South Africa’s Cape Town as he resisted them, trying to cover his nakedness but the officers collapsed the structure on him.

They now risk being suspended by the authorities of Cape Town following the July 1 widely condemned incident.

The City's executive director for safety and security Richard Bosman said they have initiated plans of suspending and applying disciplinary procedures against the four law enforcement officials.

A statement issued by his outfit reads: "The suspension also ensures that staff are not targeted while on duty. We are saddened by the conduct depicted on the video footage, and we do not condone any forceful and dehumanising conduct by our staff members.

"The City takes these allegations very seriously, and while our staff are subjected to very challenging circumstances while carrying out anti-land invasion operations, which are to protect land earmarked for housing opportunities and other services.

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Police officers drag bathing man from his shack to enable them demolish his place of abode (video)
Police officers drag bathing man from his shack to enable them demolish his place of abode (video)

"We will not condone violence of any nature by law enforcement staff. I have asked for the facts to be gathered as a matter of urgency and that the investigation is concluded without delay.

"After the removal of illegal structures, new attempts are made to invade again on a daily basis. There is an interdict in place as well as a recent court order which allows only 49 households to temporarily remain on the land until after the lockdown," Bosman said.

"The City must also maintain this recent court order, which the community is aware of."

Watch the heartbreaking video below: