A few days after

Pastor Adelaja, had, in a YouTube video, accused Dr. Enenche and other men of God of using magic and rituals to perform miracles but Pastor Adaji will have none of that as he has fired a warning to the Ukraine-based man of God.

Pastor Adaji, in an article posted on his official Facebook page, wondered why the same Pastor Adelaja whom his spiritual father, Dr. Enenche, had made references to in his preaching in major conferences, could openly come out to attack him and the commission.

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Reacting to Pastor Adelaja’s shocking outburst, Pastor Adaji urged him to stop diverting attention and address the various scandals hanging around his neck, adding that the Dunamis commission would not cease to pray for Pastor Adalaja's soul.

"The Adeleja we know was a part of a revolution, one of the leading voices in Europe. He was a Nigerian preacher we were proud of.

A man that even God’s Servant Dr. Paul Enenche, my father in the Lord, was proud of and made references to in his preaching in major conferences of the Dunamis Commission.

A Sunday Adelaja which he encouraged the prayer band of the church to uphold in prayers. Not a Sunday Adaleja who has nothing else to do.

No church to pastor, but raise a voice of aimless, baseless and senseless accusation against the very man who loved him and wished him well. God can give you a second chance , instead of diverting attention from real issues.

The economy you’re claiming to love and defend now, how much have you contributed to the economy? I wish you are bold enough to address the real issues of the Nigerian economy. When pride enters, mistakes and failures destiny is complicated.

Humility is the sure way to freedom and restoration. Man can become the focus of your preaching when you’ve exhausted the revelations from Genesis to Revelation. We will not stop praying for your soul Pst. Sunday Adelaja," Pastor Adaji wrote.

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Apart from this Adaji, many Nigerians have been attacking Pastor Adelaja on the social media since he made the accusation with many asking to come to Nigeria and prove his accusations or to keep quiet if he has nothing good to say about other men of God.