A South African lady Queen Bin Laden known for her strong views on feminism has launched a fresh attack on the trend, arguing that women need men more than men need women.

According to her, it is so obvious that men are independent, so her fellow ladies should work on their personalities and attitudes because men can survive with or without them.

On Twitter where she triggered the latest controversy, she has been receiving a lot of applause especially from men and some women who share in her opinion.

“Men of today can cook, clean & do laundry. Basically, they can do all chores & they can finance their lifestyle.

“So, stop acting like these black men need you just because you have a big ass & juicy pussy.

“Work on ur personality & attitude because with or without you he will survive.

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These black men are so independent and they work very hard…as a matter of fact, we need them more than they need us.

“Honestly most women just squirt and fart…that’s basically their contribution in a relationship.

“Sometimes she doesn’t love you, she loves how available you are to her financial needs.

“That is why most of the time when a man loses his job, he also loses his woman,” Queen Bin Laden wrote on Twitter.