The Issue

Citizen TV, Kenya has reported that a 25-year old Kenyan woman, Faith Nyokabi left her 4-month old baby with neighbors after her demand of Ksh100,000 to her 36 year old labourer husband, Charles Kiiri was not met. She left for over a week.

Rotten Apple

The report also claims that she was arrested on August 1, 2017 after repeated, but unmet pleas by her husband for her return. She also told her husband that her mother took her to a clinic to have her breast milk dried up while claiming she will only return if her demand is met.

While Charles blames his mother-in-law’s excessive demands of him for the row, and with his wife’s continued absence, he reported to Murang’a Children’s Offices upon being referred from Thika Children’s Office.

Current situation

Upon her arrest, Faith will now be charged with child neglect and denying child protection and care contrary to the Children’s Act.

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