A while back, Pulse reported the disturbing and very disheartening story of

In August, Wuzup Naija reported how residents in Ifako-Ijaiye area of Lagos State accused Police Superintendent H.E Nwabuisi, the Divisional Police Officer of the Pen Cinema Police Division allegedly led his men to Alimi Ogunyemi Street where some Muslim faithful, who had just finished praying in a mosque, were arrested around 8 pm for doing nothing. This is the Nigeria we live in, where people get arrested for nothing and true criminals of heinous crimes walk free.

According to Wuzup Naija, the Rivers State Police Command is the latest to indulge in this disgraceful trend. The report details how an unnamed man raped a 3-year-old girl, but walks free because the police didn’t get the money they allegedly demanded from the girl’s mother before prosecuting the matter. This is pure madness.

The matter became public knowledge after Broadcast Journalist and Host of The Daily Report, Ify Oyinkansola Onyegbule shared the sad story on her Facebook timeline, to decry the actions or inactions of the Rivers State Police Command, despite their swearing an oath to secure, protect and prosecute when needs be.

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With a picture of the rapist, Onyegbule types that, “This human being sexually molested a three-year-old in Rivers state…the police demand money from the girl’s mother to prosecute the case?

The woman backs out because there is no money for such action? Her daughter has been broken and damaged for life? Goshhhh!!!

“I think the government needs to wake up to its responsibility and take up this woman’s case, why should the poor continue to suffer?

This man here I hear has walked free and is at large? Please, when will the trumpet sound?”

This is Nigeria, may God save us all, but our police needs to wake up to its duty. Anyone only interested in the bribes should kindly quit before thieves start carrying guns on their way to robberies while they ‘high-five’ our Police officers before storming banks and homes.