According to reports, Rajesh Mahato, a married man from Kokar Tiril Road, in Ranchi in the Indian state of Jharkhand decided to get himself a girlfriend in addition to his wife but ended up messing up his hitherto peaceful home.

The situation has gotten to a stage where the police had to step into their marital dispute by ordering him to spend three days a week with his wife, three days with his girlfriend, and take one day off from the two women to replenish his energy in preparation for another tedious week ahead.

Rajesh Mahato was married with one child but decided to have a side chick without his wife’s knowledge. Also, because he was so infatuated with his new lover and didn’t want to lose her, he never told her he was married.

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Instead, he convinced her to run away with him, leaving his wife and child behind without even saying goodbye.

His worried wife then filed a complaint with police, claiming her husband was missing, while the parents of Rajesh’s girlfriend who apparently knew about their relationship also reported him to the police, accusing him of kidnapping their daughter.

Police started an investigation and a nationwide search for Majesh and his girlfriend before eventually finding them, by which time both of them had been married.

According to, when the three – Rajesh, his wife, and his new wife – were reunited, a heated argument began between them, and it was up to the police to come up with a way to restore peace.

The Jharkhand police then ordered the man to spend three days a week with his old family, three days with his new wife, and even gave him a day off, to recover, the news portal reported.

To make the memorandum of understanding official, the three parties even signed an official reconciliation document, and receive copies of it from the police.

However, unfortunately, according to Indian newspaper Dainik Jagran, within days of signing the reconciliation paper, Rajesh’s new wife filed an FIR (First Information Report) against him, accusing him of sexual assault under the pretext of marriage.

An arrest warrant was issued in Rajesh Mahato’s name, and reports say police have been searching for him to arrest but when they raided his old home recently, his first wife helped him escape when she saw the police at their doorstep.