In Abuja, a 22-year-old man Iliyasu Omika man mistaken for the opposite sex has been arrested for luring another man at a strip club.

According to the Daily Trust News, the suspect was reportedly nabbed on Monday, November 5, 2018, in a brothel located in the city.

In the report, a man who invited Omika to his residence believing him to be a woman called the police after confirming from his body features that he only looked like one.

“I have slept off and the man started touching my (point at his private part) and when he noticed I was a man, he called the police and I was arrested," the suspect mentioned while responding to newsmen.

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The suspect who denies being gay told the Daily Trust that his host promised him a sum of N3,000 to be able to return to Lagos.

He reportedly visited Abuja to present in a movie where he plays the role of a woman.