As Nigeria's federal government funnels millions of dollars in loans and budgetary allocation into reviving the nation's hitherto moribund and decrepit rail routes, vandals and miscreants are chopping off train tracks for sport.

Twitter user Victor Chimela, has shared photos of a vandal chopping off a section of the nation's railway in Enugu, southeast Nigeria.

"I meet this guy this morning as he was busy cutting this rail to different sizes so he can be able to carry it at Holy Ghost. This guy and his team are gradually taking the rail out to God knows where, I plead with @PoliceNG @PoliceNG_CRU to send their men there. @Coal_City," Chimela shared on his page.

Vandalism of public property is a common theme in Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation and largest economy.

Manhole covers, electricity cables, bridge railings and oil pipelines are often easy pickings for vandals who proceed to sell off their loot to a ready market.

Nigeria is currently reviving and rehabilitating its railway infrastructure, while opening new train routes, in a bid to revive an economy that has been overly reliant on energy proceeds for decades.