A 54-year-old man Oleg Kirkunov has been accused of double murder following the deaths of his wife and brother. The suspect reportedly killed the pair while they were

According to the Mirror UK, Kirkunov's brother Evgeny had joined him and his wife Olga Sukhanova for a meal at their residence in Ufa, Russia and passed the night there.

The suspect reportedly woke up to noise from a spare room where the guest was sleeping.

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Upon investigation he walks in to find his partner in bed with his sibling who is 11 years older than he is.

After killing the lovers, Oleg Kirkunov reaches the police to report the incident.

"Charges have been brought against him.

“He is accused of double murder," reads a statement by Russian Investigative Committee.

The suspect who is described as a keen hunter reportedly shot the victims with a Saiga gun.

His wife Olga who is 44 years old, has been confirmed with a serious head injury.