33-year-old Tony Albeit was arrested on Sunday, December 30, 2018 following a report by a lady.

Brianna Jimenez, a waitress at a Mexican restaurant in Seguin, said she and her mother called to report Albert early on Sunday morning when he walked in and asked them to direct him to the nearest Baptist church.

She said she told the other employees to lock down the restaurant as soon as the suspect left and asked her mother to call the police.

The Seguin Police Department said Albeit claimed he was heading to a nearby church to carry out an undisclosed prophecy.

According to reports, Albert has been on police record for committing crimes. He was arrested at least six times in Harris County on various charges. He was convicted four times for driving while intoxicated, possession of marijuana under two ounces, assaulting a family member causing bodily injury and disarming a police officer. 

It was reported that he is currently on two years probation after pleading no contest to disarming the cop. 

According to past court filings, he was associated with Messianic Judaism and the First Church of Cannabis.