A 34-year-old Luke Quatrini, has been accused of using his grandfathers life savings to pay for the

The case was heard by a jury at the Newport Crown Court, Wales according to The Sun News UK.

It was alleged that Quatrini used granddad Clifford Bartlett’s bank card without his permission.

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According to a report by The Sun, a sum of £3,000 was taken from Bartlett now deceased, rendering him unable to pay for home utilities. The granddad reportedly died when he was 92.

A prosecutor, Emma Harries explained to the court that the theft took place over a 10-month period staying at the residence of the deceased in the year 2012.

Quatrini had reportedly lost his apartment to fire but his granddad helped him with a place to stay.

Unfortunately, the retired dock worker was made to lose a chunk of his money after rendering assistance to the accused.

"He had not given anyone permission to use his card," Harries mentioned while addressing the jury.

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Pictures of the beneficiary Emma Hodges, an aspiring model showed her in revealing outfits where she was captured flaunting her breasts.

Vincent Anthony Quatrini, her boyfriend's father pleaded guilty to defrauding the victim but his son maintains innocence prompting an adjournment of trial.