“Let’s help our brothers by not dressing in a provocative way” - Female pastor advises ladies

A humble appeal by a female pastor to young ladies to avoid dressing provocatively because it is a temptation to men has landed her in trouble with some feminists.

“Let’s help our brothers by not dressing in a provocative way” - Female pastor advises ladies

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The Singaporean woman of God, Joanne Chow, took to a Christian youth-oriented website Thir.st to make the appeal via a post.

In the controversial post, the 38-year-old pastor made it clear that although ladies have the freedom to dress the way they please, and it is not their duty to help men overcome temptations, it would not be out of place to do it out of love for them.

“Can I also make a special appeal to the girls?

“Let’s help our brothers by not dressing in a revealing or provocative way

“Of course, you don’t have control over their lustful thoughts, and it may not be a sin to wear that skintight dress or post that bikini photo, but if we can help our brother, why not?

“Avoid it not because you must do it, but because we love each other as brothers and sisters in Christ,” Pastor Joanne Chow wrote on Friday.

According to the mother of two girls and a member of the Pasir Panjang Hill Brethren Church, it was not easy overcoming temptation after agreeing with her boyfriend-turn-husband that they would avoid premarital sex.

Pastor Joanne Chow advised both men and women who intend to avoid temptation, to unfollow explicit accounts on Instagram and TikTok and activate explicit content filters for YouTube.

"Sounds extreme? That’s a small price to pay if we’re serious about protecting ourselves. It’s better to be inconvenienced occasionally than to leave ourselves open to temptation,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, some people disagreed with her, saying her appeal and advice were in a way urging men to get irresponsible and blame their acts on ladies for dressing provocatively.


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